Julia Sullivan
Hi, my name is Julia Sullivan, I design and make curvaceous, demi-fine statement jewelry, and take care of my baby Sally.

I founded RA HA Jewelry in 2016, after a seven-year bartending stint following my graduation from Rhode Island School of Design. Jewelry became the perfect medium for me to combine my love for drawing, metalworking, apparel, textiles, ceramics and interacting with people. Each piece is like a drawing in the air, a fusion of all my favorite processes and materials.

My favorite part of being a jewelry designer is the interaction I have with people online or at shows. I love meeting new people, seeing how they react to my pieces, and watching as they connect with each other. It is a true joy to see my jewelry bring people together, creating new bonds and memories.

That is why I make jewelry. To bring beauty and connection to the world, one piece at a time.
RA HA Proces bend

Each piece is bent from wire or carved from wax with careful consideration. It is locally cast and then finished in my sunny Providence studio.

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