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Monstera Earring Process
“My favorite piece to make? Definitely the monstera leaf earring!” 
- Julia Sullivan, Founder and Designer


RA HA Jewelry was founded in 2016 by Julia Sullivan in Providence, RI. What started as a side project in her spare bedroom quickly grew into a full-scale business in a separate studio space. RA HA’s female-led team now sells in 20+ stores and fairs across the country. 


The term “Ra Ha” translates to all things positive. Swahili? Freedom. Estonian? Wealth. Nyanja? Comfort. Here at RA HA, we radiate good vibes—and a little bit of magic—so you can shine on, and shine bright.



Julia Sullivan


Meet the Founder 

Julia Sullivan graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2010 with a BFA in printmaking. She is an artist, jewelry maker, and a licensed pilot. (For real.) After living in Paris for a couple years, she returned to Providence and said “oui, merci!” to ceramics. In 2016, she made a few jewelry pieces out of ceramic beads in addition to her hefty sculptures for a RISD holiday sale. They sold out within the hour. That sealed the deal: jewelry making was the way to go (and, ok, earrings are a lot easier to carry.) Her favorite piece to wear? An ear bar (she never takes it off).


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