Materials and Process

Each of our pieces is made by hand in our Providence, RI studio.  

We use 14k gold, sterling silver and Brass in two different processes. 

1. The contour earrings are made from bent wire.  They are available in solid sterling silver or 14k gold fill. 

Gold fill is different from plating in that at thin layer of karat gold is heat and pressure bonded to a base metal core.  The resulting thickness,  1/20th of the weight, is enough to prevent the coating from wearing off and allows even those with some allergies to wear these pieces.  You can read more about gold fill here we like this material because it acts like gold but it is affordable.  

2. The rest of our pieces, anything thicker that has been cast, we offer solid sterling silver or 14k gold plated brass with sterling silver posts.  

Our nickel free plating is minimum 40mils, this is a nice thick plating that will last wether it is a ring, necklace or earrings.  To give you an idea, an average credit card is ~30mils thick and we have each of our pieces x-rayed to ensure the correct thickness.

Each listing will clearly state the process and materials used but if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

We find it necessary to use small zip bags for storage, to prevent oxidization and to efficiently store items.  We exclusively use Greenline plastic bags which break down completely into organic material.  We also reuse bags as many times as possible.

We work with local family run companies to avoid excessive shipping and support our local economy.